“Mobile School Travels” once again

“Mobile School Travels” once again

Since the schools of Primary Education have reopened, the Mobile School of Ladies Union of Drama – H.O.H. has begun its travel again, to areas where Roma children live and work.

Taking all the necessary protective measures such as gloves, masks, antiseptics and involving a small number of participants, the project team of “Mobile School Travels” holds interventions, with participatory games of educational character, which have the development of basic and cognitive skills of the children through a pleasant process as their goal. At the same time, the children have the opportunity to get informed about the functions of the Mobile School and its actions, by participating actively in all of its activities. In addition, during the period that the schools of primary education remained closed, digital interventions were held, with Roma children of Drama and Xanthi.

Following two years of interventions in Drama, the Mobile School now travels three times per week in areas of Drama, Kavala and Xanthi, in order to approach Roma children that are excluded from the school communities or that are unable to have a normal attendance due to their family environment. Its goal is to empower and prepare children to integrate in the school communities and society at large.

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