The mobile school is a wheeled rectangular parallelepiped construction with dimensions of 1.7 meters height, 1.5 meters length and 67 centimeters width. It is made of folding blackboards, with a maximum width of 6 meters and has a total weight of 150 kilos. Panels of educational nature are placed on it (e.g. arithmetic, grammar, geography etc.), as well as discussion panels (e.g. personal hygiene, diversity, bullying, violence etc.). These panels are more than 260 and are alternated based on each work.


The principal objective of the “Mobile School” Program is the strengthening and empowerment of self-esteem, the psychosocial support and the acquisition of basic skills by children who live and work in the street.

Moreover, another objective is to inform the public on issues related to equality, diversity, racism and human rights through information and awareness-raising actions.

More specifically, the mobile school in Drama aims at tackling the dropout phenomenon and illiteracy by encouraging children’s participation in schools. Through the educational material available by the mobile school, there is an effort to create a more favorable environment for these children and also to build a relationship of trust with the voluntary team along the way.


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