SolidarityNow (SN) is a non-governmental organization established in 2013 to answer to the needs and to ensure the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, without discrimination. The organization’s headquarters are located in Athens, while extended actions are implemented in Thessaloniki and the rest of the country. The organization’s vision is to improve people’s lives and empower them to claim a fairer society, with no exclusions. The vision turns into action through three main strategic pillars: a) Defence of safety and protection,  b) Catalyzing livelihood opportunities and labor market integration, c) Enable the strengthening and independence of Greek Civil Society by defending open society values. SolidarityNow has so far supported 300.000 people, both through the direct implementation of programs and through grants to support actions of Civil Society. Through its grants, SN has so far supported Civil Society organizations to implement 73 programs, of a total amount 14,4 million euro.

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