Who We Are


Ladies Union of Drama-House of Open Hospitality (LDU – HOH) is a recognized Non-Governmental Charitable Association, based in Drama, which started its operation informally in 1904 and acquired the first statute in 1929. The association is enlisted in the Register of the Ministry of Health, in the Special Register of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Ministry of Labor, in the Register of the Ministry of Culture and of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Ladies Union aim is to provide social, humanitarian, and cultural support to the citizens, especially to vulnerable groups, and to contribute to addressing the humanitarian and social crisis. It is a charity with benevolent and educational purpose aiming to develop solidarity, combat gender violence, xenophobia, and racism, raise public awareness of equality, equity, and human rights. Its main objective is the provision of social welfare, social care, and the activation of civil society in this direction through events and various forms of information.

The beneficiaries of Ladies Union of Drama-House of Open Hospitality are natives or foreigners, destitute, homeless and uninsured persons, victims of gender-based violence, single mothers, Roma, released prisoners, drug addicts, refugees, and immigrants.

Ladies Union of Drama-House of Open Hospitality is active in the following areas:

  • Food Aid Sector
  • Educational Sector
  • Psychological and Legal Support Sector
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Employment and Vocational Guidance Sector
  • Area of Bilateral Relations

In addition, the Association has:

  • “The House of Open Hospitality”, a fully equipped shelter for abused children and women, which was founded in 1995. Since 2014, by decision of the Board of Directors, the shelter accommodates homeless people from Drama and students of families in need, who study in the International Hellenic University of Drama. Guests are provided with: temporary accommodation, nutrition, clothing and footwear, health care, legal support, vocational training, psychological support/support from a child psychologist, job placement, socialization through the participation in psychological support groups, seminars with a variety of topics and participation in artistic lessons (painting, cutting-sewing, jewelry, choir).
  • The Food Bank of Drama, which was founded in 2019 and aims to collect products with a short expiration date and products sponsored by companies for distribution to the beneficiaries of the association and to institutions throughout the Prefecture.
  • The Offer and Love Roof, an autonomous space in which clothing, footwear and toys are selected, classified and distributed.
  • The Furniture and Household Appliances Warehouse, from which the beneficiaries of the association are equipped with furniture, household appliances and homeware.


For more information on the Ladies Union of Drama – House of Open Hospitality: www.dlu.gr