Pilot digital interventions

Pilot digital interventions

Drama, 20/11/2020


In the framework of the “Mobile School Travels” project by the Ladies Union of Drama – H.O.H.

Pilot digital interventions

An enthusiastic reception, full of smiles, by the Roma children of Drama

The team of the project “Mobile School Travels” of Ladies Union of Drama – H.O.H. has started a new pilot action, continuing its interventions to the Roma children of Drama digitally.

The pilot action commenced on Friday 13 November with Roma children residing in the area of Ampelokipi. The themes of the intervention included the history of Roma in the world, narrated in the form of a poetic tale. The poetic tale was written by the lyricist and author Olga Vlachopoulou. It was followed by a discussion, and at the end of it, the children were asked to transfer their experience on paper, in the form of drawings.

The completion of the intervention was followed by smiles, applause and many questions regarding when it is going to happen again.

Additionally, in the framework of the project’s implementation, the team attends capacity building seminars that are conducted by either the Social Dynamo of Bodossaki Foundation, or in cooperation with external partners of Ladies Union of Drama – H.O.H.


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